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Program Overview

Here is a quick overview video on the right to purchase program!

-No Down Payment Required for Program.

-No Obligation to Purchase after renting.

-Purchase Home Anytime You are Ready!

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    Apply for Program

    Home Partners of America has a minimum criteria. Your household must have an annual income of $50,000. You must have stable employment. We cannot accept you into our program if you or anyone in your household has an eviction within the past 3 years or a pending bankruptcy. Everyone in your household will be subject to a criminal background check. Application Fee is $75 per family.

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    Start House Shopping

    Pink Realty takes you to start house hunting. We will look at homes for sale in stead of rent. Giving you more housing options. Home Partners will purchase the home.

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    Home Partners Purchases Home

    Pink Realty will represent Home Partners of America to purchase the home all cash for you to move into.

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    You Move in and Rent Home

    You now get to try before you buy. You get to rent the home from Home Partners of America just like a normal lease. No down payment!

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    Buy House When Qualified

    Once you are qualified to buy with a mortgage lender you can purchase the house. Or if you choose you can work with Pink to help you find a new home to purchase. You have no obligation to purchase the home.

Program Overview

Are you close to being able to buy a home but aren’t quite ready? Did you just move and aren’t sure where you want to live? Do you need to rent right now but really want to buy a home in a couple years? Home Partners’ Lease with a Right to Purchase Program may be right for you. Pink Realty has teamed up with Home Partners of America. We work with you to find your dream home that is on the market for sale and not for rent. Then Home Partners of America buys the house and rents to you with the right to purchase. Home Partners provides responsible households with a clear and transparent path to homeownership through its Lease with a Right to Purchase Program. This program provides [three/five] years of rent certainty with only a one-year financial commitment on the lease.


If you want to own a home but cannot currently qualify for a mortgage, or if you would prefer to rent a home now with the goal of purchasing it in the next three to five years, then this program may be for you. Home Partners doesn’t focus exclusively on your credit score. The full credit profile of your entire household is taken into account when they review your application to the Home Partners program.


As with a standard lease agreement, Home Partners requires you to sign a lease for a year and make a security deposit. Unlike a standard lease agreement, you will have renewal options providing [three/five] years of rent certainty and the right to purchase the home at a price established when you enter the Right to Purchase Agreement, in accordance with the terms of the Agreement. You can also select the home that you want to live in from those eligible and available for sale in communities Home Partners serves – enabling you to live in a neighborhood today where you might not otherwise find a suitable home to rent.


Home Partners buys homes in specific approved communities, so you can go to their website to see what communities are currently in their program. We will guide you in finding the right home in the right community in the Home Partners’ program. Once you approve the purchase price in your Right to Purchase Agreement, that is the price at which you may purchase the home during the term of the lease, in accordance with the terms of the Agreement, whether the home is later appraised at a higher or lower value. If you do not purchase the home as provided in the Agreement, Home Partners may rent or sell the home to others when your lease ends.


Your initial lease is for one year, so your financial commitment is limited to one year. Your lease is renewable every year for [three/five] one?year periods, and you have the right to notify Home Partners if you don’t want to renew the lease. Your full security deposit will be returned as provided in the lease if you decide to leave the home at the end of a lease period and have been in full compliance with the lease.


Your Right to Purchase Agreement gives you the right to purchase the home you selected from Home Partners at a predetermined price for every year of your lease, as long as you have been in compliance with the lease, Agreement and other documents. You are under no obligation to buy the home from Home Partners.

Find homes in your area Apply to the Lease with a Right to Purchase Program For a list of Frequently Asked Questions Contact Home Partners for more information

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